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Bonkers Blog September 2018

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26 September - Where are you?

Several emails have asked what is going on at Bonkers? “Whatֹ’s up?” said the latest one. Those that have received a reply have been told that I have to seriously consider abandoning Bonkers in its present form to which the usual response is that the worst elements of Bexley Council will think they have ‘won’. It is only that thought that has driven me on through similar difficult periods.

The fact is that a daily blog takes anything from half an hour to sometimes five or six hours to write and check, plus an evening trawling Twitter etc. for ideas for the next one. Recently that sort of spare time has simply not been available. Just when I begin to qualify for a free TV licence I never have time to watch the damned thing. Not a single programme this whole year as far as I can remember. Bodyguard? What the hell is that?

Last Sunday’s newspaper is lying pristine and unopened on the dining table.

The care duties in East Ham have increased to alternate days, occasionally stretching to three day intervals. That’s around five hours out of the day to do shopping, gardening and just keeping the old girl relatively happy. In approximate terms, 20% of my spare time gone. I’ve tried a care home, she hated it and was constantly packing her bag to come home.

I also have too many family members with life threatening diseases which means more visiting than was the case and I am spending more time supporting a recently widowed cousin.

I am keeping two households afloat and there is only me to do it. Some evenings I do not have the energy left to pound a keyboard.

The local Public Realm developments have been photographed most days but it is two weeks since I found the time to put any on line. The documents that were to go on line to show why I think Kent Police are corrupt never did go on line as promised, my links to Abbey Wood Traders’ Association got in the way that day.

It is more than six months since I made an allegation of crime against former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill joining a queue of four people in front of me. Like them, no crime number, no response, no nothing. One is forced to consider that another former Bexley Councillor being in charge of Kent Police might be a factor. They should be chased up but once again, no time.

To cap it all my internet connection has been intermittent for the past two weeks and there has been little time to investigate why. Usually my ISP probes the inner workings of my Cisco modem and router and diagnoses any problem remotely but this time they have been unable to get inside it. Tomorrow one of their engineers is coming round to fit a new one. (I have a special relationship with a business only ISP so not the usual procedure you would get from Talk Talk etc.)

I still plan to go to tomorrow’s Scrutiny meeting but when it will get reported is anybody’s guess. Both on Friday and Saturday I have more family support duties to attend to.

Sorry for the personal life story but you did ask, well some of you anyway. And apologies to numerous emailers who have not been answered and a couple of tip offs that have not yet been followed through.


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