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Bonkers Blog September 2018

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5 September (Part 2) - Another accident in Abbey Road

AccidentEver since Bexley Council thought it was a good idea to make Abbey Road in Belvedere so narrow that its 20 buses an hour cannot safely pass each other, accidents have been a commonplace whereas before 2009 it was not an accident blackspot.

Bexley Council’s incompetence with road design has been done to death on Bonkers so it may not be the right time to repeat it all but here’s a simple pictorial reminder instead.

I would guess by the red paint on the white van that the driver tried to overtake the bus and maybe failed to see the pedestrian refuge which Bexley Council likes to place adjacent to bus stops.

It was explained to me nine years ago that narrow roads cause accidents because they reduce the available recovery time when drivers make a mistake.

Obvious really, unless perhaps you are Bexley’s senior Highway Engineer. Promoted to that position after inflicting the Abbey Road calamity on to Bexley’s long suffering residents.

Accident Accident Accident Accident

But look on the bright side, it may be as much as three months since we last saw a collision at this very same spot.


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