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Bonkers Blog September 2018

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5 September (Part 1) - More Tit for Tat

A BiB reader who takes more trips to Bexley’s recycling centre than I do says a new notice has gone up at the Thames Road dump. In retaliation for Greenwich Council’s decision to charge Bexley residents a tenner for using theirs, it warns users that they too will be charged ten pounds if they are unable to prove they live within the rotten borough.

Petty minded officialdom or what?

As already noted, as a retaliatory action it doesn’t really work. No Greenwich resident is going to drive an extra seven miles for the dubious pleasure of using Bexley’s inferior facilities.

Always remember; a Council’s first priority is always to make the lives of citizens that little bit worse than it used to be. It is the only thing they are good at.

Stand by for Dartford Council doing the same thing now that their residents are disadvantaged.

Note: I have been informed that Dartford Council already bans Bexley residents from their recycling centre.


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