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Bonkers Blog September 2018

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1 September - What would a competent police officer do?

If I was to trawl through the Statement Maxine Fothergill made to Kent Police last year which resulted in them charging me with harassment there would be more than a dozen comments with which I would take issue, but that is not of great interest in the current context which is my complaint against Kent Police for not checking anything in that Statement.

When the Statement was first signed Kent Police could not have known whether Fothergill was lying or not and presumably some parts of it would only be tested in Court. But there were things that had been signed as being truthful that should have rung alarm bells in the mind of any half competent plod.

The Sergeant who considered the Statement might have raised his eyebrows at the claim that I was directly responsible for a perforated bowel and kidney failure but evidently he did not.

I would have hoped that a competent officer might have noticed that a long series of blogs supported Maxine Fothergill and didn’t overall attack her as Fothergill claimed. If he had been really on the ball he might have noticed that some of the dates provided were wrong but that is edging towards the trivial, but he also missed the big one.

Former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill claimed that she was found not guilty by Bexley’s Code of Conduct Committee which as everyone knows isn’t true. However a page or two further on she admits to considering, along with my associate and former solicitor John Watson, having the Committee’s verdict Judicially Reviewed.

What? You are found innocent and want to have that verdict Judicially Reviewed? You would think that even the most incompetent Kent Police officer would wonder what all of that was about, but Sergeant Robbie Cooke appears not to have done.

His Inspector said there were lessons to be learned but further up the line it was decided that no one made any mistakes. And some still wonder why I am happy to label the police corrupt.

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