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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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29 October (Part 1) - Vindictive again?

BollardsBollardsIt doesn’t take much to upset the tyrants who run Bexley Council. Whether you misinterpret their instructions or Tweet during a Council meeting they reserve the right to take revenge. Goodness knows what this poor resident had done to upset Bexley Council to have vehicle access to his house spitefully barricaded.

It may have happened again.

The house pictured is two minutes walk away from my home and I pass it nearly every day. Throughout the Summer it has been extensively renovated, gutted if the skip loads of rubbish was any guide but the last skip departed about a month ago revealing new windows beneath a new roof.

Then a couple of days ago two of Bexley Council’s favourite bollards appeared which prevent vehicle access. What could have happened?

The parking bays in front of the house complicate matters but did some spiteful halfwit in Bexley Council merely think bollards would put paid to any possibility of off street parking. If the resident contemplated such a thing he’d be at constant risk of being trapped. My money would be on vindictiveness again. Bexley Council and Councillor Craske in particular have form.


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