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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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22 October - Bonkers, FM Conway and Greenwich Council. All are well behind schedule

You have heard it all before but there is simply not enough free time at the moment to keep Bonkers going to the standard I would like. I get emails suggesting that I have not got stuck in deeply enough to some stories, I know, I know.

I needed to be away from home Friday to Sunday and too much of today was spent in Newham. I would actually like to finish a DIY job but fat chance. Today for the first time in my life I called in a plumber to change some worn out valves that I installed myself ten years ago and could do again, but where would the time come from?

In the BiB pipeline are reports on Cory Environmental’s plans for their incinerator, the proposals to change the refuse bins and recycling frequencies and to charge to enter Hall Place gardens. Beaten to it by The News Shopper. Ignominy!

I also need to look into what has been happening at a local arts centre where it is alleged that private interests favoured by Bexley Councillors have made a fat profit at Bexley taxpayers’ expense. It might come to nothing, I don’t know, but it seems to be worth a look.

There may also be more to be said about former Chief Executive Gill Steward’s departure. Having to leave because of changed personal circumstances but getting a very similar job in Kingston just weeks later would appear to be odd if not unexpected.

A few new pictures have been added here and there, the Harrow Manorway redevelopment in particular where north of Yarnton Way the project appears to have been at a standstill for several months.

While snapping away last Thursday an FM Conway manager, well he was wearing a suit beneath the yellow outfit, was close by and I took the opportunity to ask why some sections were coming along nicely and others not at all. Utilities failing to move their assets promptly were blamed, Thames Water in particular.

The use of blocks as a road surface was questioned bearing in mind the experience in Woolwich and Bexleyheath.The man was certain that would not happen again. He was pleased to be using some new material imported from Germany and presumably not the cheap stuff which failed in Arnsberg Way.

Better news comes from a yard or two across the borough border in Greenwich. 18 months after it was first mooted Greenwich Council has replaced the gravel and dirt in Wilton Road with a nice buff resin surface. Better late than never.

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