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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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18 October (Part 1) - Late night noise averted

I have never been to a Licensing Committee meeting and yesterday that might have changed except that there were two other meetings to go to. What made yesterday’s Licensing meeting special is that Hugh Neal who produces the Maggot Sandwich blog each Sunday was the star turn speaking against this application…
As everyone who reads Hugh’s blog will know, ‘Potion’ is more properly known as The White Hart African Restaurant and Bar and the owners had submitted plans to stay open until five in the morning playing live and recorded music.

In my opinion - and Hugh’s as well I believe - there was little chance of such an application being approved, although perhaps it was a close run thing for it took nearly six hours to come to the sensible conclusion.

Hugh will no doubt be telling his readers all about it next Sunday but he has kindly allowed this preview and photograph.
What is it about Africans and late night noise? For no obvious reason the number of Nigerian families living within 80 yards of my own house has risen from one to six in no more than two or three months. Wide open windows from which high volume voices shouting at each other has unfortunately become the norm. The residents of Erith and its High Street in particular have had a lucky escape.


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