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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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12 October (Part 2) - Tory Twits. How can anyone be so stupid?

I may have lost a few friends (certainly some Twitter followers) by saying that I think Jeremy Corbyn and his close mates are a bunch of Commies, probably I should have said anti-Semitic Commies but today it is the time for criticism of the Pathetic Moron (PM) in Downing Street who is actually even more dangerous; she does not seem to know her arse from her elbow and gives a very good impression of being an incompetent traitorous liar.

In June I mentioned in passing that my son’s involvement in the development of electrically powered and autonomous vehicles has rubbed off on me and I am sold on his ideas. As such I keep my eye on any news on that front and the Prime Minister’s ambitions expressed only a month ago appeared to be very welcome.

May's liesSince the PM’s (Pathetic Moron) promise to encourage green vehicles her Chancellor has announced the extension of the Fuel Duty freeze for gas guzzlers and yesterday announced that the incentives to buy zero emissions vehicles would be either discontinued on 12th November (for plug in hybrid cars) or reduced (from £4,500 to £3,500) for pure electric cars.

Discounts on hybrids were always pretty stupid, some never ran on electricity, but pure electric sales are still tiny and the prices have been going up not down.

And then there was all that climate change stuff only two days ago. Go vegan, go electric or go extinct. May’s Conservative government is in total chaos and she is little better than an imbecile.

I am not sure she will thank me for mentioning this but my daughter is a victim of the Pathetic Moron too. She has suffered from MS since she was 16 years old but has always managed to be in employment and currently drives about five miles to work every day in a Motorbility car.

Under some DWP rule or other she has just been reassessed and they have decided that as she can, with the aid of crutches and an electronic gizmo that shocks her leg muscles into action, walk 60 feet she must lose her car. She can in fact ‘walk’ 60 feet but after doing so is so exhausted that she cannot walk or do anything but sleep for the rest of the day.

With no car there will be no job and presumably the government will then have to pay out some sort of unemployment benefit. How can anyone possibly vote Conservative when they prove daily that they are a bunch of morons?

My daughter, being more resourceful than your average Tory Minister, is planning to travel those five miles to work each day on an electric scooter. I am not sure how that will work on a rainy day.


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