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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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10 October (Part 2) - The police are ignorant and corrupt. It needs to be said again

I have decided not to attend this evening’s Resources and Growth Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting, not because the Agenda looks to be less than scintillating, although it does, but because I have been to East Ham five times in the past seven days and have just returned again feeling too tired to drive. I do not wish to fall asleep during the meeting and emulate what one member of the public appeared to do at last night’s Cabinet meeting.

I shall try to stay awake long enough to view the webcast live and write a report if anything interesting happens.

So having promised a Part 2, here is another of Bonkers’ occasionally series of videos depicting corrupt police officers - is there any other sort?

You may not realise it at the outset but the dishevelled thug with a lollipop in his mouth is a Detective Constable employed by West Yorkshire Police. In his initial report he made a written allegation of Breach of the Peace against the innocent bystander but changed his tune when he realised that the entire sequence had been videod.

The Detective Constable received only “words of advice” for assaulting a member of the public.



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