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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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9 October (Part 2) - Garbage in and garbage out

 While I was driving almost to Lincolnshire yesterday Bexley Council issued a Press Release about recycling. They first mentioned adopting new arrangements in July, now things appear to be getting serious.

The Press Release is well worth a read but in summary it is…

• Offering residents a choice of wheelie bin sizes, rather than recycling boxes, where people have the space to store them.
• Moving to a 1-2-3 collection cycle: weekly collections of food waste, two-weekly collections of garden waste, fortnightly or three-weekly collections of recycling and fortnightly or three-weekly collections of residual waste for incineration.
• Introducing additional collections for residents who need to dispose of large quantities of nappies or incontinence pads.
Introducing a longer four-day working week (Tuesday to Friday) to make more efficient use of staff and vehicles and eliminate the disruption caused by bank holidays from 2021/22.
• Bringing the collection service and other street services back ‘in house’, transferring the service to a company owned by the Council, extending the current Serco contract or re-tendering.
• None of the options under consideration affect people living in flats.

If they are agreed by the Council’s Cabinet in February, changes to collection arrangements could take place next summer.


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