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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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7 October - Just what you need on a wet Saturday evening

EN64 FEPSo you spot on the CCTV that the stair lift is upstairs and the 98 year old is downstairs and using the outside toilet and you phone and ask why. The old girl doesn’t seem to know what a stair lift is. A friend goes in and confirms the chair isn’t working.

Phone Stannah and they say they will go around within an hour or two, can I be there? It’s raining cats and dogs and its a long walk from the station at the other end; curse Bexley Council for campaigning against Ken Livingstone’s bridge. The car is taken from the garage and you find this; blocking my drive to the right and the one behind the camera.

It happens all the time and the 1986 plans show the area as No Parking. It's about time the rule was enforced with a bit of yellow paint.

Fortunately I am getting to know which of my lovely neighbours has visitors who do this sort of thing so some door knocking got the problem fixed quite quickly. No apology.

Everyone who blocks my drive so blatantly gets featured here for posterity.

For the record, Stannah took until past 11 p.m. swapping parts and nothing fixed the chair, so their man eventually took all the new components out and replaced the original ones. It then worked and no one has any idea why. Stand by for another emergency call soon. Shades of Abbey Wood station lifts!


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