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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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1 October (Part 3) - The police are ignorant and corrupt. It needs to be said as often as possible

Today the family of PC Keith Palmer who was murdered last year by a Moslem terrorist found out what I have known for more than 20 years. When the police have made serious mistakes, like being involved in the murder of my almost a relative, Daniel Morgan, they will move heaven and earth to cover up and destroy the evidence.

Daniel was a private investigator who had discovered just how deep police corruption was in South East London. Drug dealing, robberies and stitching up their innocent victims, sometimes for reward. Daniel paid the price with an axe in his skull in the car park of the Golden Lion in Sydenham 31 years ago.

Almost all of the Met's Commissioners have been involved to varying degrees with the subsequent cover up and I cannot wholly exclude the present incumbent.

I still haven't got around to publishing my correspondence with Kent Police and commenting on why I believe them to be another corrupt police force, intent only on covering their own backsides, so meanwhile I give you this. Yet another Metropolitan Police Officer with no knowledge of the law, abusing and injuring an innocent motorist

“The police are not a barrel full of rosy looking fruits poisoned by a few bad apples, they are a huge industrial tank of rotten cider with maybe a few good apples bobbing about waiting to be pulled under by the weight of corruption, unaccountability and incompetence that defines policing in Great Britain today.”


So corrupt are establishment organisations these days that crimebodge is no longer paid its Youtube fees presumably in an effort to close the author down. Who would have asked Google (Youtube owner) to do that?


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