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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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1 October (Part 2) - It’s got to go

Overflowing bins Overflowing binsI have spent the past three weeks, on and off, rearranging the shelves and hooks in my garage (and shed) to accommodate a new car which is an almost unbelievable eight inches wider than my previous one,

I think I am going to have to make my first ever trip to a Bexley recycling centre. I have next Wednesday in mind for dumping a car boot full of computer graphics boards, several old routers, a couple of CCTV cameras, an old TV and a professional grade TV monitor which I rescued from a TV studio in the late 1990s. It seems a shame but it has to go.

I am not much looking forward to the trip to Thames Road and I think I understand why some people might take the easy way out.

Across the road from my house some people manage to exist without a conscience. The current problem began about a month or maybe six weeks ago when someone wrenched open the plastics bin and dumped one of those large canvas-like hopper baskets in it that builders use when delivering a cubic metre of sand.

This one may have been full of builder’s rubble and not unnaturally Bexley’s contractor didn’t take it away. It has sunk out of sight now and covered with a variety of other items, some plastic some not.

A neglected recycling bin merely attracts more fly tippers and the bins are now adorned with all sorts of overflowing rubbish and a mattress.

I’m not going to report it, it’s a waste of time, they see my name attached and the report gets tossed aside. That’s what happened last time. However I do have just a little bit of sympathy with Bexley Council. The abuse of the facilities must be a major problem but on the other hand turning their back on it and leaving a heap to fester for weeks on end is no solution either. Sooner or later the rubbish will have to be taken away, so why not do it now?


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