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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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26 November (Part 3) - For the want of a cooperative Bexley Council officer

A recent email prompted me to check whether Bexley Council had extracted the bin tax from my account because I had failed to notice. My bank moved from monthly statements to three monthly and there is just too data.

They had taken my £33 in September and I have heard no more. Not everyone is so lucky.

Even though we have paid our fee for garden waste collection we have received two emails stating that due to non-payment Bonkers Bexley Council will collect our bin as we haven’t paid . I even have an e mail confirming that we have paid. This is distressing and almost constitutes harassment.

I dread to think how some poor old folks or anyone of a nervous disposition would feel. Makes me wonder what other “mistakes” the council make.


This is something that should be sorted out with one quick phone call but apparently that is too much to ask of Bexley Council.

At a recent Council meeting a Conservative Councillor got very annoyed at the term Black Hole being used in connection with their budget. May I suggest they carefully look into it to see if there is a spare thirty three quid lying there?


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