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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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26 November (Part 2) - No shit Sherlock!

Another occasional series draws attention to police officers who are content to exceed their authority or otherwise unreasonably bully the public.

The man who blogs under the name Crimebodge and exposes the corruption and ignorance of the law that is all too common among police officers has been arrested and charged with harassment.

For what? Uttering the questioning and probably sarcastic words “No shit”.

The policeman featured is apparently totally shocked by such language and I am tempted to think he may well be. To me he looks as though he is only recently out of nappies.

I have considered embedding the video within Bonkers but the language does become very direct at times - nothing obscene, but certainly descriptive - and I have had enough policemen at my door already.

It is a little reminiscent of what happened in Bexley seven years ago. Another blogger used the S word in a Tweet. A golden opportunity for Bexley Council to silence a critic and for Bexley and Bexley police were happy to embellish the evidence in order to secure a conviction for their friends. They said that the word must have been intended as an inducement to send faeces through the post.

The guilty verdict was overturned on Appeal but cost the innocent party £20,000 in legal fees.

Source video.


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