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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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26 November (Part 1) - Blocked in again

A return to the occasional series on motorists who block the streets around my home.

Bad parking Bad parking Bad parkingLast night when I returned home the purple car (Photo 1) was obstructing about 25% of my dropped kerb. The red car was not there so I was able to squeeze in and in any case I know who the purple one belongs to so there wasn’t a big problem but the poor parking is consistent and the owner has their own off street parking.

Today there was a bigger problem as the red car is very long and it was parked nose to the kerb and it wasn’t even close to it. It made my exit extremely difficult even though it may not have been parked illegally.

If I had been in anything bigger than a medium sized car I wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere. The adjacent road has been obstructed all day long by two inconsiderate commuters. (Photos 3 and 4.)

Vehicles that managed to squeeze between them had to negotiate the blind bend at the junction of Coptefield Drive and Carrill Way. It had been further obstructed by AX15 NBM which was illegally parked by allowing an overhang of the dropped kerb.

MK57 LHX, OE56 YXL, BD08 VNU and AX15 NBM all photographed today.

Bad parking Bad parking Bad parkingThe difficulties associated with getting my car on to the public highway has gone on for quite long enough.

The road design is silly but the original plans (I have a copy) mitigated that by designating the area as a no parking area, never enforced, and with the increasing pressure put on parking spaces by Bexley Council’s policy of eliminating parking spaces where even possible, everyone now parks end on.

This time I am going to make a formal complaint to a ward Councillor. It is unlikely that anything will be done about it but it might be interesting to see if Bexley Council can come up with a feeble excuse for their inaction.

I heard them say a long time ago that the problem would be addressed by the coming of Crossrail but we have seen how behind the times Bexley Council is with that already.


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