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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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25 November - Arse from elbow?

Bexley Council has made an announcement about their plans to tart up Gayton Road by Abbey Wood station.

They had previously announced that work would start last January (second to last page of the first brochure) and then they changed their minds and said February. (Screen shot of Council website.)

At a Council meeting in the Summer they said they would start the work in time to get everything finished by 9th December, the date Elizabeth line services were due to begin.

Then last Friday they said they were going to start work next week. (Tweet below. Click for web announcement.) In fact they started work in Gayton Road two weeks ago. 12th November.

Typical Bexley efficiency eh?

Tweet They have issued a new leaflet on the subject. You may see it here and it contains some good things, a few surprises and some that may be unwelcome.

They are going to make it look better and have promised to solve the decades old flooding problems.

There will be trees and seats and cycle racks.

The flyover will become a Red Route - good - and parking will be restricted in Gayton Road 24/7.

Where parking is permitted it might be for five minutes, for half an hour, or an hour.

In Wilton Road parking restrictions will be extended beyond the present 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

During construction Gayton Road will be shut completely from February next year with no end date stated. It is safe to assume that Abbey Wood will once again become gridlocked.

Quite separately a Belvedere Councillor has said that the flyover will be cleared of cones before the end of November which should help reduce traffic congestion but the walkways will not be re-opened yet.

Harrow Manorway won’t be finished until next June at best, which makes it a whole year behind schedule.

The yourabbeywood website has been updated to hide the interminable delays. Good job I kept the original.


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