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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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23 November (Part 2) - Grammar School policy in Bexley

There are certain local subjects which I do not attempt to follow closely, not just for time reasons but because some seem to be far too complicated for non-experts to understand and making an error might have worrying consequences for some people. Rightly or wrongly Education is one of those subjects.

I have twice heard the Cabinet Member for Education, John Fuller, say that Bexley’s grammar schools are not stuffed full of Bexley’s children because Bexley’s teachers would rather put their own political prejudices before giving a child a potentially better start in life. He has said that Catholic schools are particularly bad offenders and go out of their way to steer their pupils away from a grammar school education.

For that reason huge numbers of Bexley’s grammar school places are occupied by children who do not live in the borough.
Press Release
Bexley’s Labour party is getting increasingly agitated about a situation which may be depriving Bexley children of a grammar school place and has today issued a Press Release.

If what Councillor Fuller has said is correct maybe the politically motivated primary school teachers need to be tackled too.

Click the image above to see the complete Labour Press Release. (PDF.)


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