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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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23 November (Part 1) - Black and black

Making work for working men to do

Asphalt Cracked paving Cracked paving AsphaltA correspondent from Townley Road, Bexleyheath was intrigued by the sight of Conway’s men ripping up perfectly good paving stones and replacing it with an ugly asphalt patch. He was doubly intrigued when it became obvious that they were not going to replace the broken paving stones just a handful of yards further up the road.

I think he may be looking for an explanation but he won’t get a rational one from me, they did the same in my road a couple of months ago. (Photo 4.)

Mad? Of course they are.

I discussed the spiteful bollards with a Conway man the other day. He said that they are a retaliation against residents who decline Bexley’s invitation to have a dropped kerb installed. Their spite costs us tax payers about £500 unless a blind person trips over a bollard in which case the cost rises to around £10,000.

It’s only a matter of time
Bellegrove Road Bellegrove RoadIt was reported just a few days ago that road accidents were occurring in Bellegrove Road almost weekly, all at the same spot and where Bexley Council in its wisdom had created dangerous pinch points.

It caused accidents at the construction stage too but that was six years ago and in typical Council fashion they pretended there was not a problem.

Since the last accident the lighting column has been replaced but it is not yet working thereby inviting another accident.

My Welling correspondent has had an interesting thought. The current spate of accidents follows the conversion of the street lighting to LED.

Despite what Bexley Council would have you believe, the LED lights have barely half the output of the old sodium lamps.


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