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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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9 November - SEN Transport questions. A little explanation

Yesterday’s Council meeting report left the question of Bexley’s educational Travel Assistance Policy unanswered. Cabinet Member for Education John Fuller provided some figures which he must have thought answered parents’ criticism but meant very little to me and it was clear that Labour Councillors were not impressed, allegedly calling his answer “rubbish”.

Not for the first time Bonkers had to hold back on what might otherwise have been reported because Councillors who know a subject inside out assume everyone else does and talk in a sort of shorthand. Councillor Perfect’s question referring to the Travel Assistance Policy did not prefix it with the initials SEN and at no time during the discussion did anyone use those initials so I was left wondering if she was talking about the new SEN Travel Policy or another that I had somehow missed.

48 hours later it has become clear that it was indeed the SEN Travel Policy that was being discussed. I thought it might not be because the Conservatives assured everyone at previous meetings that their new policy would affect no one until September 2019. Like so much of what Bexley Conservatives say, that would appear to be a lie.

During the meeting there was a reference to the police being called to a travel related disturbance at one school which was not reported here because it was unclear how it fitted in with what Councillor Fuller was saying.

Fortunately Labour Councillor Wendy Perfect has attempted to provide an explanation. She particularly takes issue with parents being blamed for the fiasco and whatever you think of the new Policy it probably isn’t a good idea to do that, and all for a relatively tiny saving that will only rise to the giddy height of £18,000 in a year’s time.
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