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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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29 May - Flooding Bexley with dishonest slogans

Please don’t laugh too loudly but I had a free ticket for the Oval today. I left the cricket ground when they flashed a weather radar picture up on the screen and took the tube to Tottenham Court Road where I hoped to buy some new shoes. The last pair, Clark’s, had literally broken into two parts after less than a month of occasional wear.

The weather radar underestimated the problem, a thunderstorm was raging over Oxford Street and I turned tail for home where a detour was necessary. The places where it has flooded for the past 30 years and more were well and truly flooded again, worse than shown in these photographs taken an hour later.
Floods Floods
But it could have been worse, further north Eastern Way is completely blocked and the diversionary route via Yarnton Way is flooded too.

None of Bexley Council’s failures were mentioned by Leader Teresa O’Neill in her Conservative Home article which praises her election victory.

SloganBexley Council’s election campaign was dishonest, the Leaders of Bexley Council are dishonest so it is only what one must expect.

In the Conservative Home article Teresa O’Neill claims credit for their main campaign catch phrase. It may be thoroughly dishonest, Bexley Labour’s leadership is a long way from being hard left but most people won’t know that.

Five of my north London relatives have been life-long Labour supporters but not any more. Since Jeremy Corbyn came on the scene they have all voted Conservative, one to the extent that he ‘picks fights’ with Labour canvassers challenging them over the perceived extremism and anti-Semitism.

As if that is not a trend that might swing elections to the right a couple of Lib Dem supporting relatives - to the extent they have been Council election candidates in the past - no longer vote Lib Dem because of what they see as that party’s totally dishonest reaction to Brexit. Presumably some erstwhile supporters still recognise what the abbreviation Dem stands for.

CreepIn such an environment Bexley Conservatives were pushing at a half opened door. There was probably no need to lie about the ‘Hard Left’ or to allege that Labour “trades in fears and lies” and “votes against improvements”. I didn’t see a single lie in Labour’s election campaign and whilst the Tories’ Manifesto was not unreasonable by their standards their Social Media campaign was close to being 100% lie.

But the lying paid off.


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