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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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23 May (Part 2) - More bad news for Abbey Wood

Harrow ManorwayAbbey Wood residents should be used to it by now, pretty much constant traffic congestion and Harrow Manorway blocked as far back as the Knee Hill roundabout - and often beyond. Bexley Council is planning a solution. Close Harrow Manorway completely.

My guess is that things will not be nearly as bad as today’s Public Notice might imply.

Probably Bexley Council has put its own convenience above that of anyone else and will shut the flyover for resurfacing as and when they need to but not all the time.

Five bus routes use the flyover and as there is no nearby alternative railway crossing point it seems likely that there will be no 229 or 469 running between Knee Hill and Picardy Manorway or 180 along McLeod Road.

A small compensation may be that a diverted B11 would have to use Gilbert Road, Lower Road and Abbey Road to get back to New Road and the 244 would probably have to use McLeod Road to get to its Knee Hill terminus.

All guessing on my part but if the closures are notified only by short duration road closure signs placed on the flyover as and when required, how will a bus passenger waiting on Lower Road know that his bus has suffered a short notice diversion and will never arrive?

Bexley Council’s notice allows for such a chaotic scenario but their priority will be getting the work on the flyover completed, widespread inconvenience to residents will matter not one jot.


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