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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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10 May (Part 2) - If at first you don’t succeed

PavingJust when you thought it was safe to drive along Albion Road after the months of chaos inflicted on everyone while roads were narrowed and tiny roundabouts installed, it is back to chaos again.

Next Monday the road around the Townley Road roundabout will be ripped up and replaced - properly this time one must hope. The work is likely to take four nights.

On the 17th May the road around the Highland Road roundabout will be torn out and replaced over a similar period.

Click for more detail.

Conway’s workmanship might well be questionable but where is Andrew Bashford when the work is going on? Not on site with his quality control team it would seem.

The problem on Abbey Wood’s Harrow Manorway flyover (pictured) is minor by comparison, the work looks doesn’t look at all bad but presumably the recent high temperatures have played havoc with an expansion joint.


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