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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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7 May (Part 2) - No gas

Whilst fixing innumerable imperfections in the new look blog but failing to discover where the sub-menu arrows have gone I was vaguely aware of some sort of disaster affecting the gas network in Sidcup. Fortunately a BiB reader has filled me in on some of the detail without me needing to do my own research.

BrokenshireIn parts of Bexley and Sidcup we have had no gas for two days now. Around 2,000 homes are affected. Apparently a Thames Water pipe burst late evening in the evening Thames water’s response was slow.

By next morning, presumably under the pressure of water, a SGN gas pipe fractured and gallons of water entered the gas network with customers having water coming out of their gas pipes.

SGN engineers from across the country have been sent in to sort the problem out. The response from SGN has been good and by the second day customers have been supplied with electric cooking rings to help if required.

A lot of homes have been empty due to the holiday and their gas taps could not be turned off for safety checks so this has made the outage time even longer.

Bexley Council has made the showers at Crook Log Sports Centre available.

Good thinking by Bexley Council, sounds like nightmare for anyone without an immersion heater and reliant on gas for cooking.

SGN on Twitter - Their website


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