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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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4 May - Feeling blue?

I think my Conservative gene must still be alive and kicking because I keep grinning at the election results nationally. We are not after all silly enough to believe Corbyn would make a good Prime Minister or Khan makes a good London Mayor.

BexleyThe Bexley result is disappointing of course and the Tories’ fear of a 26:19 split did not come true. Can one surmise that Councillor Read annoyed so many people in Northumberland Heath with his constant insulting of residents paved the way for the Labour Victory there?

I am particularly pleased to see Esther Amaning back in Thamesmead East. She was forced to resign her (now defunct) Lesnes Abbey seat at the beginning of the year because Bexley Conservative top brass are… is evil bastards too strong, and saw a technical breach of the Local Government Act.

Councillor Cheryl Bacon did that in 2013 and Bexley Council went into high level lying mode to protect her from the consequences. Esther was afforded no such protection. It was just a spiteful storm in a teacup as one might expect of O’Neill & Co.

Those of us who would like to see some punishment inflicted on her may still have something to look forward to.

This evening the Tories will be electing their new Leader, Deputy and whips etc.

Why the indecent haste after their Councillors have just lost a night’s sleep? That will be to give insufficient time to properly organise a plot against the obnoxious one.

And for another ‘why’. Why silence from Bexley-is-Bonkers right through the night?

Because the damned internet connection failed at 01:40 and didn’t return until quite recently. However by 01:40 the writing was on the wall for Labour, the early results at all recent elections have pretty accurately reflected the whole thing.

Note: The new Councillor list has been created. No attempt has been made to edit the job responsibilities and there are some layout problems which do not arise in the new version due on Monday 7th May. They will not therefore be corrected in the old Bonkers version.


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