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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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3 May (Part 2) - The future is nearly here

Maybe readers are expecting too much of the new mobile friendly Bonkers, it won’t look very different to what it does now but there have been very considerable changes down in the engine room.

Below is what a typical blog page currently looks like at 4,000 pixels wide and beneath that image is the same page in the new format. At 960 pixels wide it will look exactly the same as now - menu excepted, and on smaller screens it will be scaled down and not suffer a truncated banner and worse as it does now.

Please excuse the “wrong” head positioning and outline on the new, it was part of a test.

It is rare for anyone to comment on Bonkers software facilities but this week someone remarked that when using a different computer it displayed a whole month’s worth of blogs and not just one in isolation. “Why?”

Obviously someone has never played with the Today and Month icons currently on the menubar. That facility will be retained after the changeover.

The easy way of getting a whole month’s worth of blogs in one go is to use

Another request was for larger text. That’s easy, just click any of the six coloured letter As at the top left and have a play. You can even save the setting so the chosen font size will become the default. Unfortunately that facility will not be available from Monday, but it may be later.

One of my favourite Councillors asked “will it crash”. There is no reason to believe it will; apart from cosmetic glitches it has been fine for several days now and the problem that crashed the test server was identified. However what I can guarantee is a total mess during the period of changeover. The worst of it should only be 20 minutes or so but further tinkering will be protracted.
Old Bonkers

The old Bonkers stretched to 4,000 pixels wide.

New Bonkers

The new Bonkers stretched to 4,000 pixels wide.


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