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2 May (Part 2) - Dirty tricks

Today was probably not a good one for catching up with Mick Barnbrook in his favourite watering hole in Bexley. He told me how his plain, and probably not politically correct, speaking on Twitter had increased his followers from around 800 to 4,500 in just four or five weeks and how he was looking forward to the trial of his Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay for electoral fraud which is scheduled for later this month.

As has been the case in a score of other cases, Mick is the complainant and as you might imagine he had quite a tussle with Kent Police before they took him seriously.

When I got home I found that not totally dissimilar things had been going on in Bexley.

Councillor Philip Read may be trying to emulate Mick’s Twitter trick but less successfully than him. The Tweet reproduced here yesterday has provided him with a splash in the News Shopper but as yet no additional follwers.

On top of that two people, maybe more, have reported Read for his constant insulting of residents to Bexley Council’s Monitoring Officer, From there the complaint should go to the Code of Conduct Committee, but will it?

FakeBexley Conservatives are accused of emulating those in Thanet too, although maybe on a smaller scale. They have been reported to the police and the Electoral Commission for allegedly distributing their message via fake Twitter accounts.

The Twitter accounts are obviously fake and the message is very obviously pro-Tory. Bexley Tories may be responsible for it, they are certainly capable of almost any dirty trick you can imagine.

I still wonder how the piles of UKIP votes at the 2014 count seemed to grow smaller over time and not larger and why were certain Conservative Councillors going around saying that Northumberland Heath  had been lost to UKIP when the final result was a comfortable Tory win.

But now what have they been up to? I suppose we will have to wait for the police to investigate it. It may be a long wait.

The following has gone to the Electoral Commission.

I have attached screen shots that I have taken which contain pro-Con anti-Lab material, which is not watermarked, being circulated by numerous fake or bot Twitter accounts.

At this time it’s impossible to say who is responsible but in order for Bexley to have a fair election then the laws must be adhered to and this includes social media campaigns.

We have seen these tactics being used during the EU referendum, and now they have found their way to Bexley and it needs challenging immediately.

I have spoken with Mr. David Easton at Bexley Council and I have also reported this to the police at Bexleyheath Police Station where it has now been passed onto Inspector Kevin Hebdon.

Please find attachments.

If dirty tricks are your game, vote Conservative tomorrow. It will give Bonkers something to do for the next four years.


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