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Bonkers Blog March 2018

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19 March - Medics’ pay. Useless cops. Stupid Councillors

Your Good Health!
NHSHere we have Bexley Conservatives taking the credit for the new facilities installed at Queen Mary Hospital after it lost its maternity unit and left the borough without local Accident and Emergency cover.

Maybe they have a point, these days it is difficult to see where Bexley Council ends and the Health Service starts. For the past year they have shared offices and it would appear share their taste for high salaries too.

I have seen some of these people perform at Council meetings and they were no better than ordinary. Next time you are told there is a two week wait to see your GP give a thought to those responsible for seeing the number of doctors’ surgeries fall while the population increases.

Clinical Commissioning Group salaries.

From the most recent accounts. Five people, more than £700,000!

Fly tipping. Nothing to do with us guv!
A reader’s comment from a couple of weeks ago.

RubbishA few weeks ago I was in the access road behind Kingswood Avenue alongside Ye Olde Leather Bottle and saw a truck dumping rubbish. The truck’s registration number was noted.

The police were called but they were not interested. The truck had become stuck in the mud so it would have been an easy cop but no, it was nothing to do with them, they suggested contacting Bexley Council.

After being bounced around a few departments someone very helpful was located who came out immediately.

He arrived to see that the driver had put his rubbish back on to the truck and then another van arrived to help get the truck out of the mud. The police had a golden opportunity to catch fly tippers in the act but they couldn’t be bothered.

On a different note I now find myself in West Heath ward. Our new Tory candidates are Reader, Davey and Read. I’ve Just looked at their publicity flyer and some of their claims are just downright distortions of the truth. The voting decision in May will be very difficult.

No comment required
Troll Cretin

Councillor Maxine Fothergill
FothergillThe legal bill caused by Councillor Maxine Fothergill has reached £1,338.30 excluding a couple of train fares and the first class stamp to convey an allegation of Attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice to the Chief Constable of Kent.

Councillor Fothergill signed a Statement which the Police totally failed to check and used as a basis for their Charge of Harassment.

She claimed that I wrote 41 blogs in 2015 and 2016 which were written “in a manner which read that I had done something wrong and had been abusing my position as a councillor”. She went on to claim that Bexley Council had found her Not Guilty of obtaining a financial advantage for herself. One might wonder how she nor anyone else thought to tell me that I was misreporting her for a whole year. She was most definitely found guilty by Bexley Council’s Code of Conduct Committee.

Four of the blogs listed made no reference to Councillor Fothergill at all. 19 were critical of Bexley Council, not Fothergill. Nine suggested she had done nothing wrong and Bexley Council was pursuing her over nothing much and one said she was definitely innocent. The remainder reported background information such as clients reporting their missing money to the police and being ignored.

Councillor Fothergill said Bonkers was “attempting to destroy me” and the stress created was “directly linked” to her bowel becoming perforated and the loss of business contracts. Thanks to witnesses I know the dates of those events and nothing adds up.

The Chief Constable is also to be asked why he personally ignored three complaints sent to him alleging theft of six figure sums.

Mobile Bonkers
Over the weekend a mobile friendly version of the blog pages was tested, hence no new blogs.

At present everything on Bonkers is specified to the very last pixel so image sizes are fixed. The Mobile version allows them to expand or contract dependent on the size of the viewing window or viewport as it is known. It works but it’s not perfect. Why for example do all the Windows desktop browsers display everything perfectly even if the Window is dragged to Mobile size, but the Android version of Chrome displaces some images?


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