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Bonkers Blog March 2018

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16 March - Four Friday Farces

Councillor training
In only seven weeks time there will be new Councillors in Bexley who will need to be trained in the weird ways of Councillors.

Here is an extract from the ‘induction course’ kindly sent to me by one of the 2010 intake.

When first becoming a Councillor one must be aware of a website called BEXLEY IS BONKERS. It is run by MALCOLM KNIGHT and is anti-Bexley Borough Council.

As councillors you must not look at the website to prevent its ratings being boosted.

The website is so well known within Bexley Borough Council that we have blocked it from being viewed on computers within the Civic Offices.

From what I have heard it is blocked in libraries too.

The extract was provided in writing above a signature but it may not be true, it did after all come from a Tory Councillor. Bonkers was not barred in the Civic Offices until April 2011.

Moronic parking
Moron MoronMost days, not necessarily all day, access to my drive is bIocked by moronic parking and Crossrail has not even started yet!

This van has managed to block me twice this week. End on parking overlapping a dropped kerb by quite a margin. A couple of weeks ago a delivery vehicle attempting the near impossible access knocked my wall down and ripped its tyre open.

Do you think Bexley Council would be willing to do something about it? No, neither do I. In my experience their parking enforcement team takes days to respond.

Where’s the refund?
BinsThe snow went 13 days ago and a week later Bexley Council said its waste collection service was still running a day late which was entirely understandable. However what isn't acceptable is missing collections over a wide area as they have here in Belvedere and not reacting to residents complaints.

Brown bin collection is a whole week late.

Bin collection is a paid service in Bexley and if they take the money they should deliver that service like any other provider would be expected to do.

Note: My garden waste bin was emptied on 17th March. Only mine, all the others along the road are still waiting. Not one iota of sense on display.

The police on hate
HateChilling isn’t it?

More than once I have been told by Bexley Council employees that senior Council officials and Councillors “absolutely hate you”.

I suppose it must be true.

Is that why Councillors have three times reported me to the police for harassment? For threatening arson, for revealing personal details of a minor, for issuing threats and using derogatory language, none of which was anything like true.

However it seems there is a remedy. “Even if you haven’t committed a crime, you may have committed a crime.” (© Old Holborn X on Twitter.)

The Metropolitan Police says the Councillor’s reasons for making up such hateful nonsense are criminal.

I have already written to the police once this week with an allegation of criminal behaviour by a Bexley Councillor. Maybe if I have a spare moment next week…


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