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Bonkers Blog March 2018

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12 March (Part 2) - Experts in the art of deception

Stretching the truth somewhat is what Bexley Conservatives do - all day every day.
The above is a two day old extract from their website.

The whole truth is rather different. In 2014 all three parties were keen to reduce the number of Councillors but it was the Labour Group which made the first move.

On 23rd July 2014 they put forward a formal Motion calling for the numbers to be reduced.

This is it.

Labour’s Motion.

The Tories voted it down, what else would you expect? They hate crediting Labour with anything. UKIP made a similar suggestion, Bexley Conservatives voted against that too.

The Conservatives followed Labour with a Motion of their own, it wasn’t a bad one and eventually had the desired effect but don’t ever let the Tories get away with their claim that the savings are thanks only to them. They weren’t first in line to propose it; that accolade goes to Labour Councillor Seán Newman.


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