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Bonkers Blog March 2018

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12 March (Part 1) - “The sergeant must be identified and punished”

TweetI am coming to the conclusion that there must be a complaint against Sergeant Robbie Cooke of Swanley Police. He is the man who took the decision to charge me with harassment following Councillor Maxine Fothergill’s last desperate attempt to hide the news of her lost libel case.

The complaint will not be that he had no understanding of the law or that he sympthetically listened to a woman who admitted to making false statements in the High Court but that he made not one check to see if she might be telling the truth.

He accepted without question that the Councillor was found not guilty of an “act to gain financial or other material benefits for herself” when a quick look at Bexley Council’s website would have shown the claim to be false. Councillor Fothergill told Cooke that she was “not guilty, other than how this could have been perceived in the public eye”.

Councillor Fothergill told me that her business, AMAX Estates, was being damaged because BiB had brought the libel action to notice and the news must be removed because the whole world was able to see it.

“What you put on your blog is out there on the WWW forever unless removed but still serves to cause troubles all the time.”

She told Sergeant Cooke the same but if he had Googled AMAX Estates at the time of the complaint he would have found only one Bonkers’ entry, a blog entitled ‘Maxine Fothergill is innocent, OK?’ - and even that has since disappeared from view.

And so the police failures go on, and on and on.

Priority will be given to other matters of which Perverting the Course of Justice is in prime position, but sooner or later there will have to be a complaint to Kent Police.


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