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Bonkers Blog March 2018

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7 March (Part 2) - Some thankyous are due

The past month or three has shown how many friends Bonkers has and it is only right that some get a mention.

TweetMark Lewis the solicitor who pursued Councillor Fothergill in the High Court was a constant comfort and ally. He told Kent Police that he would take action against them if they continued to effectively prevent the reporting of Court procedings. There was never an expectation of him being paid and the same goes for his barrister friend Julian Hunt. Julian gave me two hours of his time free of charge and it was him who phoned me around 17:30 last Monday with the words, “Hello, I have some good news for you”. Somehow or other the CPS believed he was acting for me when he wasn’t and sent him their decision to abandon their prosecution.

TweetIf It was not for Julian I might well have gone to Sevenoaks on a fool’s errand.

Locally there was constant support from bloggers, Hugh Neal (Maggot Sandwich), Richard Spink (Thamesmead Grump) and Darryl Chamberlain (853blog).

Political support came from Teresa Pearce MP who fired off two letters to Kent Police and Bexley Councillors, Daniel Francis, Danny Hackett, Brenda Langstead and Seán Newman all had kind words to say. A similar number of Tories did likewise but naming them might bring retribution; but in some ways they were more supportive than Labour with phone calls, Twitter Direct Messages and Mobile texts.

From the press came the support of the editor of the News Shopper and their Bexley reporter. From further afield there was interest from Private Eye, The Register and the Sun.

Four people, themselves all victims of my accuser, sent a dozen or more letters crammed with evidence that the Charge Statement was almost entirely false. Those letters went to both Kent Police and their Legal Services Team in Maidstone.

Then there was the less formal. The residents who had rejoiced when their Councillor neighbour moved out of town, the police officer who believed that the Councillor must be brought to justice but suffered interference from above.

And what of the police many have asked, what do I think of them? Not a lot. I have for the past 30 years regarded them with the greatest of suspicion, how could it be otherwise when a family member had his skull split open by a police officer or his hireling for trying to expose their corruption?

When the police have alienated every honest citizen how will they ever get the co-operation upon which they claim to depend? Not from me that is for sure.

Over the past 24 hours I have re-read everything I wrote about the Code of Conduct guilty verdict and cannot find a single thing that gets anywhere near harassment. Every blog that was not a factual record of what Bexley Council was saying was either critical of Bexley Council and/or supportive of the accused Councillor.

To call it harassment as the Sergeant in Swanley did can only mean he didn’t read a word of it before charging me. My criticism of the police is mainly directed at whoever thought that police officer was Sergeant material.

Will I make a formal complaint against him? Probably not. The police investigate themselves and whatever malpractice they uncover will be deemed to be standard practice at the time. Previous complaints have gone on for up to seven years and all they did was prove beyond any doubt that the police are corrupt. To challenge them is a waste of life.

Will I allege harassment against my accuser? No way. The law is an ass about harassment and I will not be a hypocrite who exploits its stupidity.

What has to be pursued is the catalogue of lies stacked against me in the statement to police. It was untruthful in practically every detail and to make such an untruthful statement is a criminal offence.

Getting Kent Police to accept an allegation may prove to be difficult. I am aware of eight allegations of crime against my accuser and all of them have been ignored or rejected by Kent Police.

On the other hand I was told yesterday that I am the seventh person to be on the receiving end of false allegations to Kent Police from the same source and they reacted instantly to every single one of them. But not one resulted in a conviction.

A lot of money remains unaccounted for. Will Kent Police ever begin to look for it?

One can only assume corruption by someone somewhere.


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