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Bonkers Blog March 2018

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6 March - What can I say?

At 11:45 this morning the postman delivered a letter from Sevenoak’s Magistrates’ Court, it said I had to be there by 9:30 this morning or else. I hope that yesterday’s email from the CPS takes precedence.

I am very much aware that I am expected to comment here on recent events but it might be some while before I am thinking straight again. I really could do with a break.

I have contemplated giving up on Bonkers, it has been demonstrated three times now that if a Councillor goes to a police station with a complaint, however far fetched and untruthful it may be, the police will take action without a second thought. It is extremely stressful and very expensive. It is also very dangerous that such power is so regularly abused.

It is tempting to take three months off while Bonkers is made mobile friendly because the 2009 design is now a long way from ideal, however numerous readers say I must never abandon monitoring our Council, so I suppose I had better pick myself up however difficult that might be.

I would have thought that someone who finds themselves in the news would be best served by keeping a low profile until things calm down. Where are Harvey Weinstein and the Oxfam managers these days?

The last thing a sensible person should do is risk even more news becoming public. I was charged with harassing a Bexley Councillor continuously for two years. From 8th December 2015 to 1st December 2017. Why would someone wait that long before complaining?

The early months of 2016 were spent proving to my satisfaction at the time that the Councillor had annoyed so many colleagues that they may have exacted some sort of unjustified revenge. More than a year later my support became harassment.

During the time I was supposed to be harassing a Councillor I discovered that a cannabis farm had been found in a house owned by the Councillor who confirmed that my information was correct. I chose not to report it while the Councillor in question accused the, quote, Fat Controller of leaking the information to me.

I also ignored the gossip machine which was suggesting who had grown the drugs. I obviously have a lot to learn about harassment.

During the alleged harassment period the ‘harassed’ Councillor sent me a long email suggesting malpractice by named Council colleagues. When the boot is on the other foot the Councillor is happy to see Bonkers point the finger.

I didn’t publish those allegations either, nor did I report three separate false declarations made on planning applications. I think someone intent on harassment may have made merry with all those things, but I didn’t. If I had been I might have illustrated the libel reports with photographs of the libeller, but there were none. Deliberately so.

TweetBelieve it or not I received more support from Conservative ranks than I did from Labour over the last few weeks, they are outnumbered more than 3:1 of course. My supposition that the Councillor in question had annoyed rather a lot of fellow Members looks to be fairly close to the mark.

Just one Tory saw no need to keep their support secret, the Twitter user not subject to the Conservative whip.

I doubt you have heard the last of this subject but that is enough for now.


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