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Bonkers Blog March 2018

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2 March - Simply trivia

There are three basic types of blogs; the serious, the trivial and those in between. Today material was available for one of each and the plan was to present two of them. However events have got in the way. I almost forgot an annual check up at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and travelled in the freezing rain but arrived with minutes to spare. I was seen right on time but in the few minutes spent with the consultant it had begun to snow hard. Should I gamble on a train from Woolwich Arsenal or opt for the relative comfort of a rattling 469 bus to take me on a circuitous route all the way home? The bus won and it was probably a good decision, by the time I was indoors Twitter was full of Southeastern’s advice to get home quickly while one could.

TwitterToday was rubbish collection day for me and once again I had managed to rustle up only a carrier bag full over the past two weeks. The chances of there being a collection must have been close to zero, the working conditions for the men involved have been atrocious with so few footpaths being ice free. In any case they would be better employed on the gritters keeping the road network usable which they appear to have been doing.

ParkingThey may not have easily got along my road anyway, ice or no, ice as thoughtless parking was to the fore once again. A van has been parked edgeways to the kerb since Wednesday at least. All the residents in my road have reserved off street parking and the van could have been parked three feet further back than it was. But no, the driver prefers to create a hazard very close to a blind corner.

Roll on the yellow lines which will come once Crossrail services begin.

The larger photograph shows a refuse lorry going about its difficult job on Central Avenue in Welling. The picture perfectly illustrates how Cabinet Member Sawyer’s claim that getting traffic from A to B as quickly as possible is total nonsense.

Note how traffic rounds the bend to find a bus stopped and Keep Left bollards carefully placed to prevent any further progress. If there is no bus at the stop the blind bend will reveal a yellow money box junction.

Cabinet Member Sawyer will have got you either way.

Something less trivial tomorrow - probably.

Bexley Council’s bad weather advice.


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