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Bonkers Blog June 2018

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30 June (Part 2) - Google bug

GoogleI had another report of text overlaying images; Chrome again, so I decided to follow some web authoring discussion forums.

It would appear that the phenomenon is well known and has come and gone from Chrome over several years as versions change. It is said that it will occur only when a float and clear instruction occur on the same page which doesn’t quite fit the bill on Bonkers because every page includes at least one clear instruction and reports are that only some images are affected.

A number of solutions are suggested, all variants of the same thing, but that itself introduces a new problem which requires yet another dodge to circumvent. Until I experience the problem myself experimentation is not practical.

One professional web author says he specifically excludes working around Google Chrome bugs from maintenance contracts because they never stay the same which would make the contract prohibitively expensive. A helpful tips webpage acknowledges that Chrome is extremely popular but that it is by far the most bug ridden browser and goes on to list the worst Chrome bugs and how to overcome some of them. Overlaid text is not in the top ten bugs listed.

When the Chrome bug afflicts me it may be possible to tackle it but until then (or someone lends me an affected computer) it looks as though the only way around it is not to use Chrome.

Approximately 40% of Bonkers readers are using Chrome. If only four are experiencing the problem that is well under 1% of Chrome users. More than half of readers on mobile devices are using Safari on an Apple.


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