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Bonkers Blog June 2018

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29 June (Part 2) - Dirty pictures, corrupted images and a useless front

There has been an unusually large number of emails over the past week or two and they haven't all been answered. Sorry about that, too much time spent waiting for trains that do not arrive!

Some messages have been mischievous; a toned down version of one might be “will Craske’s Arthouse cinema proposed for Sidcup be showing risqué stuff?” Not such a silly question perhaps, there is lots of evidence that suggests Cabinet Member Peter Craske knows quite a lot about that sort of stuff. When the Prime Minister’s name was confused with Miss Busty of Beckenham, Councillor Craske knew all about that particular lady.

It was pleasing to note that everyone who commented on the image display problem mentioned on Wednesday said they were not seeing it. All was well. One of the three who alerted me to a possible problem said that some days it was not there and when it was different images were affected.

As already reported the code to achieve the correct result is so simple that it’s near impossible to enter incorrectly and if it was the effect would not be text over image. It is possible to stack the priority of formatting instructions, I can’t see how it would make any difference but I will make the relevant instruction highest priority. Belt and braces.

One correspondent asks the question I asked myself six weeks ago although the colourful language is entirely his…

Any ideas why the Fat Controller has ditched her best buddy from her Cabinet? Could it be because even she has now realised that all the Officers did the hard work and Linda was just a useless front person who offered nothing else of substance?

Councillor Linda Bailey was not a star performer at Cabinet meetings, all she usually did was repeat the words of her colleagues but there can be little doubt that her Growth and Regeneration Department did a good job winning the support of both political parties if not universal praise from the population at large.

I had assumed Councilor Bailey was simply not much of a public speaker but worked effectively behind the scenes. Perhaps I am far too generous. We must all hope that her Cabinet successor Louis French and the able Assistant Chief Executive together do an even better job. Maybe if Teresa O’Neill has “ditched her best buddy” perhaps she would consider ditching the ineffective Chief Executive in favour of her much superior deputy.


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