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Bonkers Blog June 2018

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22 June - Two vote Val’s legacy to Bexleyheath

A couple of days ago I commented on not having seen a News Shopper for a couple of months and also pondered why Bexley Council has “serious issues” with me when all I do is report Council News. If they don’t like it they should stop doing whatever it is that gets reported.

Today both things were brought together by a friend who was shopping in Orpington’s Tesco and picked up a copy of the News Shopper from the distribution point there. It was the Bexley edition and this is its front page headline.
News Shopper
Below it was a totally unbalanced report about the decision to allow a 13 storey tower block on Broadway. I don’t know if the journalist was at the planning meeting as I was and the webcast is - as of this Friday evening a week later - still not available on the Council’s webcast but her account completely misses the fact that every Councillor on the Planning Committee was against the development. News Shopper readers are given the impression that Councillors rode rough-shod over and without a thought for residents who are rightly aggrieved by what some see as a monstrosity in their midst.

I would accept that BiB reports are frequently slanted in a particular direction but they never omit any known facts which would allow readers to reach their own conclusions. If I had written such a biased piece against Bexley Council’s planning decision knowing what I do about it I would be ashamed of myself and worrying that any reputation for reporting facts would have vanished.

Maybe the News Shopper should be banned from libraries and not Bexley-is-Bonkers.

The 13 storey tower is being inflicted on Bexleyheath because Councillors were under pressure by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who would likely overrule a refusal and because Councillor Val Clark is a very poor Committee Chairman who voted for the over-development twice.

Fortunately the News Shopper put the same news on their website today and their reporter Tom Bull has made a much better job of it.


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