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Bonkers Blog June 2018

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20 June - Lull before the storm? Possibly

This evening marks the beginning of the Council meeting season. A Scrutiny meeting.

You must have noticed that blogs have been infrequent since the local election in May; the reasons are varied but one stands head and shoulders above the others. I have frequently said privately and occasionally publicly that if Bexley Councillors stopped lying Bexley-is-Bonkers would whither and die and with the election out of the way and the meeting season not yet started even the most prolific of Bexley’s liars has not found the need to do so.

Whilst the idiotic fringe led by Councillor Philip Read continues to label me a Labour troll if his comprehension skills were a bit greater he might have noticed that any support for Bexley’s Labour Group does not go beyond the rebuttal of the lies that he and his ilk tell about Labour policies. If he has read what I think of Mayor Sadiq Khan how can he continue to believe I am a Labour activist?

Relatively minor contributors to the reduced level of blogging are the constant trips to East Ham - every two days for the past three weeks but with luck now stretching to three or four day intervals, and maybe the Maxine Fothergill effect. I don’t often think about that any more but earlier in the year the stupidity of Kent Police dampened my enthusiasm for blogging. They are still refusing to investigate Maxine Fothergill’s untruthful harassment statement, unless of course they simply cannot be bothered to tell me anything. When they responded to an enquiry from my MP three months after she made it her description of their reply was extraordinarily diplomatic. “Very poor” she said.

For the record, Kent Police is still investigating why one of their Sergeants fell for her lies hook, line and sinker

The News Shopper
Until two or three months ago a copy of the News Shopper was reliably delivered to my door every week but now that it isn’t I am afraid I haven’t given it another thought. However today I noticed - via Twitter - that they are reporting that 50 Bexley staff have been given £800,000 in gagging agreements. Doesn’t surprise me at all, I have met some of these people. A very small number have consciences and live to regret their blood money, for in some cases that is what it is.

As a result I have heard how the Council Leader herself has been involved in high level cover ups of major mismanagement and possibly criminal behaviour but in every case I have recommended that the ex-employee sticks to the agreement - especially when the money has been used to pay off a mortgage.

Anonymous messages
Useful though the Anonymous Contact facility can be it occasionally creates a dilemma. Some lead to a blog which then indicates to the writer that his input has been found useful but a few that look good turn out not to be so useful. Ignoring them will look rude but the only other way to respond to anonymous messages is via the blog. This blog appears here only to avoid appearing to be ungrateful for the input. It will not make a lot of sense to anyone but the sender.

An anonymous message provided an analysis of various things that a Conservative Councillor had apparently written which on the surface appeared to be less than honest. There are some Conservative names which I would automatically link with dishonesty and deception - only a small number, but they do exist. This anonymous message was not about any of them, in fact it was critical of someone for whom I have a high regard.

Because of that I forwarded the message to the Councillor concerned. With commendable speed I was sent an expression of, if not quite horror at what had been published, at least a degree of shock.

34 minutes later a more detailed response dropped into my Inbox. It included evidence that an original hand written draft had been very carelessly transcribed by a Council Official resulting in an inaccurate publication which could be construed as having something to hide.

A second similar but much older ‘allegation’ was made against the same Councillor. It provoked a near identical response and again with supporting evidence. This time the inaccurate transcription was both very small but very important. The error was made by a third party not employed by Bexley Council. It will be possible to correct the first set of mistakes but not the older one.

As the Councillor said, “the lesson is to do things for myself in future”.

I trust this will satisfy the anonymous messenger and demonstrate that in my opinion Bexley’s comment “[the Council] has serious issues with Malcolm Knight” (†) is entirely the fault of a few individuals at the very top of the Council.

† Friends have told me that this was said by a Council Officer addressing a meeting earlier this year when, for reasons which are not totally clear, the subject of Bexley-is-Bonkers cropped up. Since my website only reports as best it can what Bexley Councillors do and say, how can I be a serious problem to them? Unless of course they know that some Councillors are still up to no good.


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