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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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30 July (Part 1) - Fake News

Two days ago the News Shopper published the result of a survey into which London borough was the happiest in London. It said that Richmond, Bromley and Sutton took the first three places with Greenwich sixth and Tower Hamlets twelfth.

Where was Bexley?

HappyIt depends on who you ask. On the same day as the News Shopper survey went on line, Bexley Conservatives claimed that Bexley was top of the happy league table. The News Shopper report said differently. 14th.

It’s probably a stupid thing to waste time on anyway, does any resident really care? Residents might care more that they have elected a Council which simply cannot stop lying; about both trivia and things more worthwhile.

It’s the same pretty much ever year, Bexley comes nowhere but nevertheless the Tories pump bilge from its propaganda machine.

But let’s try to be optimistic, in 2015 Bexley was close to being the least happy place in the entire country, so there may be an improving trend.

According to the Office of National Statistics’ 2017 report, only three boroughs in South East England were less happy than Bexley. Bexley Conservatives Tweeted about being in the top spot that year too.

I will now be accused of running Bexley down but we are unbeatable in at least one respect. We have a Council comprised of world class liars.


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