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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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29 July (Part 1) - The Hard Left in Bexley

SallyAt last we have rain - not a lot so far - and presumably dogs will now be able to walk on pavements without burning their paws or expire from lack of water.

I saw the suggestion to put out water for passing dogs (and postmen) in one of the newspapers - or somewhere - but I didn’t myself for a couple of reasons. One, I am at the end of a cul-de-sac and have never seen a dog being walked by and, two, there are four permanent watering holes in my front garden which are regularly used by foxes, squirrels, birds and marauding cats.

Someone who did put out water was Sally Hinkley who lives three quarters of a mile down the road from me. I first met Sally at a Belvedere Splash Park street meeting in 2015. We have kept in occasional electronic touch since then and I used to see her once in a while at Council meetings.

I cannot claim to know Sally very well, I know her daughter’s name and I know what her husband likes to do in his spare time, and that’s about it.

Her act of doggy generosity was mentioned on Social Media and it was picked up by the News Shopper which in these cash-strapped times picks up half its news items from Twitter etc.

One of their reporters knocked up a filler page about it.

In my opinion the News Shopper’s website has two major flaws. It is almost impossible to navigate without being repeatedly taken to an unwanted advert by a stray mouse movement and its unmoderated comments section the content of which is frequently outrageous.

There is always someone ready to spout anonymous rubbish. Step forward Lewis234 who knows absolutely nothing about Sally Hinkley.

Lewis234Sally Hinkley, Councillor Hinkley (Labour, Belvedere) since May 2018, has always engaged in charitable acts, not just since May but ever since I have known her and probably before.

She does so without a thought of self promotion, she does so anonymously springing surprises on her unsuspecting beneficiaries.

I know that for a fact, Lewis234 is a loud mouthed idiot who, as Council Leader Teresa O’Neill might say, shouldn’t be given access to a computer.

She also represents a group which the utterly disreputable and ruthless Teresa O’Neill labelled Hard Left in her election manifesto. Lewis234 is not the only person to spout rubbish.


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