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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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24 July (Part 1) - Right first time. Not Bexley Council

Trees TreesTime flies doesn’t it? It is five years since Bexley Council planted trees along the Broadway and around Arnsberg Way.

They didn’t bother about watering them so a couple of months later the trees were replaced with new ones.

A year later Arnsberg Way began to collapse where buses turned and a year after that the footpaths somehow migrated or cracked and some were replaced by asphalt.

Now the trees at the ASDA corner are going, the excuse is that Bexley Council has belatedly discovered they are a hazard.

Whether their roots are being blamed for footpath cracks or absent minded mobile phone users are walking into them no one knows. Maybe the Council Leader is going to install a wood burning stove.

Both photos taken today.


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