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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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14 July (Part 1) - Educational questions; they’re academic

Are you fed up with these Scrutiny meeting slide shows yet? What is the point of them? Why can’t the information be included in the Agenda in the good old fashioned way?

I can think of only one reason, cynical perhaps, but the Agenda goes on the public record, a slide show doesn’t. The webcast of it is far too fuzzy for any detail to be seen.

RobertsMs. Kathy Roberts’ (Deputy Director of Education) presentation was mainly tightly packed text but from my point of view had one big advantage over the previous four presentations; numbered slides. A technical gremlin was causing slides to appear in almost random order so that those previously published here may not be in the intended sequence.

Thank goodness for a Deputy Director who can count to ten. Little of what was said stepped outside the slide show so all that is left is to relate Councillors’ questions.

Unfortunately there were none but Cabinet Member for Education John Fuller said he wanted to add a couple of comments.

The first was about the Council’s relationship with Academies. One of Bexley’s initiatives, the Educational Partnership, is being recommended for adoption by other boroughs and he asked Committee Members to remember that Special Educational Needs pupils aged 16-25 are wholly Bexley’s responsibility, no one else’s.

The meeting moved on to housing issues with Mr. Bryce-Smith but there are better things to do at the weekend than bore you with that. Monday perhapsֺ…


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