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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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3 July - Opinions vary

I was speaking to a Councillor yesterday and my comment that things seemed to be very quiet in Bexley at the moment was met with full agreement, however there is a Scrutiny meeting this evening so maybe things will perk up soon.

If you have read the Agenda you may not think so, it’s deadly dull.

While waiting for something more interesting to turn up a comment or two on one of my pet hates; Facebook. How the hell does anyone navigate through such a mess?

My local community Facebook group, in my less than expertly informed opinion, is like some ancient B movie that has acquired cult status. So bad it is almost good. I read it every day or two for light entertainment. It is mainly lost cats, dog poo, vandalised cars and occasionally a bit of politics.

I’ve never liked the Admin policy since the day I commented in support of a local shopkeeper on a thread which was 100% anti. My comment was not welcome and it was very quickly deleted. There is a second moderator now but things are no better, worse if anything. Advertise a local event well in advance and then issue a reminder nearer the day and you are in big trouble.

Yesterday someone started a new thread dedicated to criticism of the moderator. I have no idea whether the complaint was justified or not and the responses were divided.

I used to contribute occasionally but not any more. One of the busybody ladies on there said she had spoken to the police about being criticised on line and claimed that her critics could be prosecuted for hate crime. At the time I was having quite enough of that sort of nonsense from Maxine Fothergill and resolved to steer clear of Facebook in future.

It looks as though my absence was noted because another of the local busybodies accused me of setting up a fake profile going by the name of Alex. I find it hard enough to operate a genuine profile let alone a manufactured one.

Apparently I am a local individual known locally to stir up trouble. Only for dishonest politicians I hope.

This Paula woman may herself be trouble. I was informed by an impeccable source that she doesn’t come from these parts and is not registered to vote anywhere locally but she is brimming full of ideas on how she can change Abbey Wood.

That may be no bad thing but I am not alone in thinking that the motives may not be entirely altruistic, they have included setting up a business in Wilton Road.

Maybe that is why I was asked to leak all the Abbey Wood Traders’ Association minutes to her. As if!

However it would appear that I do have at least one friend on Facebook. Thank you Rebecca - or is that another of my fake profiles?
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