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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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2 July (Part 2) - Council cheats

Six years ago an elderly retired police officer proved that Bexley Council’s Parking Department never took any notice of PCN appeals. They always rejected the first complaint whatever the evidence. His story may be read here.

Bexley’s parking enforcement is under different management now so maybe things have improved since 2012 but Barnet Council appears to still operate on the same old rule book.

CheatsMr. Mustard spends his spare time pursuing doubtful PCNs, mainly in Barnet where he is based.

His recent Tweet more or less proves that Barnet Council doesn’t look at complaints at all. A Council vehicle was given a ticket and the department responsible had to take its appeal all the way to the Adjudicator before the parking department woke up.

Mr. Mustard’s blog is at


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