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Bonkers Blog January 2018

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17 January (Part 1) - Family networking

My journalist daughter and her partner Alastair have between them 88,000 Twitter followers which makes my 900 look rather puny so I asked if they could Tweet about my Kent Police/Maxine Fothergill predicament. They number among their followers many influential people, show business personalities, politicians and loads within media circles and the law. Maybe they could awaken someone notable who would spread the message that no journalist is now safe.

After just a few hours things are going pretty well. Mark Lewis has seen the danger - and who is Mark Lewis you might ask.

Mark Lewis is the celebrated solicitor who successfully pursued the Fake Sheik, Milly Dowler and Katie Hopkins libel cases.

Perhaps more important is that he was the solicitor in the Maxine Fothergill libel case the reporting of which has landed me with the harassment charge. (Letter promised twelve days ago but still waiting.)
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Mark Lewis knows the Fothergill case inside out and has not found fault with my reporting of it. He is perfectly happy to publicly call Councillor Maxine Fothergill a liar, something I was reluctant to do myself.

TweetMaybe I am an optimist but I see Mark Lewis as a very important ally. I took the utmost care to report the case accurately, I wrote to Councillor Fothergill four days after the first documentation went on line to say I was done with it but she would settle for nothing less than the complete suppression of all news.

As my daughter said, news reporting does not work like that. Bonkers would have no credibility if it became known that it was not even handed and would fold under a little pressure.

If Councillor Fothergill had accepted that on 19th November her situation would be almost forgotten by now but instead she has done everything to ensure she remains a talking point. Mark Lewis has 44,000 Twitter followers.

How silly is that?

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If I might lighten the mood…

My daughter has met Mark Lewis, they both get invited to show business parties. A couple of months ago my daughter was at Hugh Grant’s birthday party and name dropped it at a family gathering. It was explained to my granddaughter (aged eight this weekend) that Hugh Grant had played the part of a bad man in the film Paddington 2 which she had recently seen.

Granddaughter was not impressed, if aunty is friends with such bad men she wasn’t sure she wanted to talk to her any more. I’m sure she will get over it.

Note: Alastair Morgan is the brother of Daniel murdered by a police officer or his associate in 1987 for his intention to go public with an investigation into police corruption. Alastair knows a thing or two about how corrupt police officers can be to protect their own kind.


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