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Bonkers Blog January 2018

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13 January (Part 3) - They are all as bad as each other

This story is not new but Darryl Chamberlain (the 853 blog) did well to get it covered in Private Eye.

GreenwichTheir comment is self explanatory, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is paying good money to ensure its propaganda message goes out unsullied by the truth and anything else they might not have sanctioned.

From further afield, Wandsworth, comes news that Councillors there are just as touchy about news reporting as they are in Bexley.

The following text came via a circuitous route yesterday, this is just the first paragraph but it tells you the basics.

I don’t know what Mr. CouncilWatch is supposed to have done but on the face of it it looks like his local coppers are short of things to do.

Today [Friday 12th January 2018] Mr. CouncilWatch received a ’phone call from Wandsworth Police (the “farce” that has given up investigating burglaries, car crime, vandalism and patrolling the streets - because of Tory cuts) informing him that he must attend an interview at the police station (is there one?) following complaints from a person or persons unnamed within the council that he has been “harassing” councillors and committing “racism” in his emails.

Mr. CouncilWatch was told that if he did not attend voluntarily he would be arrested.

I have not been able to track down a Wandsworth based Mr. CouncilWatch’s blog or whatever, if anyone can do better then please post the details somewhere.


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