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Bonkers Blog January 2018

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11 January (Part 2) - Michael Barnbrook

Mick Barnbrook sent me an email at twelve minutes past midnight this morning. He was working on a complaint about a Councillor who made a planning application accompanied by a declaration that she was not a Councillor or Council employee. By so doing an application could be sneaked through without it having to go before the Planning Committee which would ensure that everything was fair and above board. That is Bexley Council’s rule and it makes sense that such applications are discussed in public so that any suggestion of impropriety is minimised.

A year after getting away with the subterfuge the same Councillor pulled the same trick again. Once might be a mistake but twice suggests otherwise. Mick doesn’t like dishonesty.

However shortly after sending me that email Mick collapsed and was taken to A&E - unconscious I think.

He has since recovered to some extent but the initial diagnosis is of a minor heart attack. Maybe he should adopt my approach to pursuing Councillors. No computering after 7 p.m. unless strictly necessary. In bed by ten and no more than one pint of beer every couple of months.

Most people will I hope, probably not all I suppose, join me in wishing Mick a speedy recovery.


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