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Bonkers Blog January 2018

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9 January (Part 3) - He’s even more grumpy now

If you think that you were going to go a whole 24 hours without an update on the proposed harassment charge then you might be disappointed. Just a brief update.

I did get the promised call from the newspaper reporter. He was impressively well informed on Kent Police’s recent actions and what led up to them and did not have to ask too many questions.

However he has his rules to follow and he said he would have to get busy cross checking everything with everyone involved and no doubt getting their in-house lawyer to look over everything.

I have learned not to be too optimistic about a Bonkers’ story hitting the press. It would not be unprecedented but it would be very rare.

Meanwhile there has been support by local bloggers. Hugh Neal of The Maggot Sandwich did his bit on Sunday, Darryl Chamberlain who writes the 853 blog did some sterling work behind the scenes and late yesterday The Thamesmead Grump chipped in with his own comment.

Normally The Grump takes a light-hearted, some might say jaundiced, view of modern life but this time he put on his serious hat.
He relates the harassment story you probably know all too well by now in his own unique style.

He takes a big risk too. (†) He has republished the blog attributed to Councillor Peter Craske - oh let’s not beat about the bush, the police traced it to his internet connection and then found it and a similar one on his laptop.

Nevertheless The Grump could be in trouble. When I published the obscene blog on Bonkers, Bexley Chief Executive Will Tuckley reported me to the police and recommended prosecution. It has since been hidden behind a password.

It’s a pity he was not so quick to go to the police when he was caught up in a £2 million pound bribe scandal not long ago. He hung around for six months before being forced to take action.

† My tongue is slightly in cheek here. Even Plod would not be silly to rake all that up again. Would they?


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