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Bonkers Blog January 2018

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1 January (Part 2) - New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t remember making a New Year’s Resolution since, well ever really. Not seen any good reason to make changes but this year I have made several. I daren’t say what they are for fear of arrest but at the very least I will soon have three serious complaints outstanding against the police. I still absolutely believe that there is no such thing as an honest copper. Show me one who will shop a bent senior colleague and I may change my mind. Maybe former Inspector Mick Barnbrook will let me publish some of his stories of how the Metropolitan Police deal with total honesty in their midst.

Someone who should think seriously about making a New Year’s Resolution is Councillor Philip Read (Conservative, Northumberland Heath). He lied his way through 2017 and last night went out with a bang.
Tweet 1 Tweet 2
It is possible that these are the last lying Tweets he will ever launch into cyberspace, I doubt it but one can hope.

After accusing Labour Councillors of spreading fake news, minutes later Councillor Read was spreading fake news.

His lie is that Labour Councillors are unrelenting in their opposition to Belvedere Beach.

The replacement for Belvedere’s much loved Splash Park was first announced on 15th November 2016 and was immediately seen as an imaginative project. Three minutes after Cabinet Member Peter Craske had had his moment of glory denigrating the alternative ideas put forward by the voluntary groups, all of which he rejected, Labour members were on their feet welcoming Craske’s surprise announcement.

Councillor Joe Ferreira, Labour, Erith, 15th November 2016
I share the Cabinet Member in thanking the officers for the design. Is there any scope for more water features? It is great to see a scheme come forward which will be positive and I really really do hope it is a success.

Surely not a bad response from a Councillor who had been given only a few seconds to think about Craske’s surprise announcement but according to Councillor Philip Read Joe Ferreira and his colleagues have been “unrelenting in their opposition”.

Hands up those who think Philip Read is a relentless liar who is not very good at it.


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