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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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26 February (Part 3) - Abbey Wood mysteries

I have almost stopped participating in the Facebook Group What’s New in SE2. I don’t much like Facebook at all and I really do object to Administrators who delete posts that run contrary to the general mood. Not so long ago mine was the only voice that stuck up for a local business which was on the receiving end of non-stop abuse. Everything I said was deleted.

More recently the SE2 Group has been divided by those who think Wilton Road (Abbey Wood) is a slightly dodgy area best avoided and the majority who don’t see much of a problem. Statistically it is a low crime area, the police have been in chocolate teapot territory at times but by and large the place is as safe if not safer than locations not all that far away, and it is improving.

Someone who has been stoking up dissent created a ‘survey monkey’ which with the aid of some possibly leading questions found that the area was indeed seen as intimidating to around 100 people. The same person created a Crowd Funding page aimed at bringing in private security. Somebody had clearly lost the plot.

That somebody is behind a new company called Abbey Wood Community Limited.
Companies House Companies House
That same somebody private messaged through Facebook asking me, as former Secretary to the Traders’ Association, to send copies of their minutes. My Facebook posts may well have reflected the flavour of what I learned at Association meetings but distributing minutes to outsiders is a whole different ball game. There is no way anyone outside the Association sees those.

I have little idea what Abbey Wood Community Limited is planning for Wilton Road except that there is a reference to Licenced Restaurants. My feeling is that it is not Wilton Road that may be dodgy but those whose research stoops to surveys and pestering for meeting minutes while masquerading as a concerned local resident.

Normally I would report things like this directly to the Traders’ Committee but now that I have no special privileges they will have to read it here.


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